Technical and Instruction

色温The Color Temparature

光源 Illuminant

Type A. IP20. Bare LED light strip has power range 8-16W/M

Type B. IP65. Bare LED light strip has power range 8-12W/M

Type C. IP54. Bare LED light strip has power range 8-12W/M

Type D.  LED tube, easy change, cost more, rigid length 

触摸开关选择 Switch &Additional Function

Switch Type Description
No Switch Controled by wall switch 
Rocker Switch ON/OFF
One Touch Switch A ON/OFF with touch
One Touch Switch B ON/OFF with Stepless Dimming
One Touch Switch C ON/OFF with Step Dimming
One Touch Switch D ON/OFF with Stepless Dimming&Color temperature adjusting
Tow Touch Switch A ON/OFF +Defogger
Tow Touch Switch B ON/OFF +Clock
Tow Touch Switch C Dimming ON/OFF +Defogger
Three Touch Switch ON/OFF +Turn up+Turn Down
Multi-Media Switch Module ON/OFF +Blue Tooth+Clock……
The Clock Module Clock/Air Temperature
Wheather/Clock  Module Live Wheather/Clock  Display with Wifi connected

安装方式 Install

包装 Packing

Appropriate packaging can ensure the safety of products, but also reflect the level of products. Carton + Polystyrene + Plywood crate Inside packing choice: Polystyrene/PE foam Carton Choice: Brown paper carton/White box/Color box Outside packing choice: Fully enclosed plywood box /Plywood crate /Pallet And special paking for Online retailers